Dear Mama: Thank you for the lemonade



Jonathan Spikes presents Dear Mama: Thank you for the Lemonade; the highly anticipated sequel to the life story of Damon McBlessed, a young urban professional peeling back life’s layers as he navigates his career, his personal life and the world. 

Damon’s growth will warm the heart of everyone and keep the reader engaged through each dramatic twist and turn. Many will either see themselves in or be inspired by his dogged tenacity that surfaces as he faces challenge after challenge. The result is a fascinating journey that ultimately reveals - despite appearances to the contrary – that every life experience is working together for your good. 

Damon’s story picks up where Spikes’ previous novel, I Know What I Am and I Am Not What You Call Me ends. And, just like the novel before, Damon’s story unfolds with unexpected highs and lows, loss and restoration. His journey addresses the inquisitive nature of humanity to want to know why life is so uncooperative; and why pain and tragedy often show up when least expected. 

Damon’s protracted quest for retaliation, his tangled family dynamics and his battle to be redeemed, lead to the discovery that it is never about the why, but always about the how. Damon’s journey eventually reveals the approach necessary to take your lemons and make a tall, delicious glass of lemonade.


I know what I AM and I AM NOT  what you call me



Jonathan Spikes presents I know what I AM and I AM NOT what you call ME, a riveting tale of Damon McBlessed, a young man who is constantly at war within himself as he attempts to define who he is, not only to himself, but to God, his family, and his culture. 
His story is reminiscent of a cascading
water fall that flows from unimaginable heart wrenching cycles of abuse, into multilayered fields of a sometimes funny, often horrid but always hopeful, personal journey of a young man coming of age. 
Through Damon’s many different forms of abuse--his own protracted quest to discover his sexuality, the tangled dynamics of his personal relationships, and his all-consuming mother--it is apparent that somehow, life always seems to deal him an uneven hand. But, instead of sulking, Damon remains exceptionally hopeful that his quest for acceptance will finally lead him to a place of
love,peace and understanding. 
Damon’s hope will warm the heart of everyone, and keep the reader engaged through each dramatic twist
andturn of his personal story. His tenacity is awe-inspiring as he heroically survives each set-back. The result is an arresting portrait of hope and the true meaning of being an over-comer, survivor and “McBlessed” child of God.


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